A Pastor’s Perspective of Christmas

Pastor KevinPastor Kevin Redding
Adult Ministries Pastor, Shiloh Community Church

As I sat in the auditorium in Dream City Church watching my daughter perform in their “Celebration of Christmas” production, I was struck with the awe of Christmas. It wasn’t because of the incredible dancing, beautiful singing, talented actors, flying angels, spot-on choreography, excellent orchestra or even colorful the “Kings Procession” complete with camels. All of those elements were present, and all proclaimed the story of Christmas. Night after night, the “train” searched for the meaning of Christmas, scene after scene the story moved closer to the truth of the season, song after song the melody rang, and for two weeks I sat, watched and thought.

Celebration of Christmas

Watching my daughter sing on that big stage, with lights and fog and dancing and glitter I was drawn back…back to her first Christmas performance. She wasn’t even supposed to be in it; her sister and the “big kids” were in it, so she wanted to perform too. She hung around, asked (maybe even begged), sang along side the director and looked really, really cute. Then the director decided that she could be a sheep in the manger scene. So she was. She crawled down the aisle, went to her spot, and was the cutest, singing (might have even done the choreography) sheep that has ever been seen.

The next year, she got promoted to Mary in the manger scene. She was in heaven, and she took that role very seriously. She was the best Mary that you could imagine. It is this image of her as Mary that I kept getting drawn to as I watched her sing about Heaven night after night, and I listened to her musically tell the story of Mary being told she was going to carry and give birth to God the Son. It was not her as Mary sitting at the manger holding “Jesus” that I kept flashing back to. It was her, dressed as Mary, praying with the cast before the show even started. It was her innocence, her humbleness and her pure personal worship.cara praying

In the midst of the lights, the sound, the glitz and the pageantry, I was drawn to a simple child and reminded what the Christmas is truly about: innocence, humbleness, purity and worship.

Jesus came in innocence. Jesus humbled Himself, took on the form of a servant, and was obedient through His death on the cross (and resurrection from the grave). Jesus was the epitome of purity, living a perfect, sinless life and displaying the holiness of the Father. Jesus continually worshiped the Father and is the only One worthy of our worship.

My prayer for myself this Christmas Season, and one that will continue throughout 2017 is that I come to God constantly with innocence, humbleness, purity and a true heart of worship. My prayer is that I am constantly reminded that I can do none of those things as a result of my own efforts or merit, but only through walking in obedience to the one who was born and wrapped in cloths and placed in a manger. Only through following the One whose birth brought “good news of great joy” because the One who was born was the Savior, Christ the Lord.