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Pastor Kevin

Pastor Kevin Redding 

Adult Ministries Pastor, Shiloh Community Church 


It’s my turn to blog.  I’ve known my turn to blog was coming up, and I’ve been struggling as to what to write about.  It seems the past few blogs that I’ve written have been on identity, so I don’t want to keep beating that drum (although, if I’m going to beat any drum, that’s a good one to beat).  Someone suggested writing a blog on our upcoming Latvia trip, which is always a good subject, but I’m anticipating writing a post-trip blog about what God did through that trip (so be anticipating that one in a few weeks).  Someone else suggested a Father’s Day blog, and that one got started only to be interrupted by…wait for it…Father’s Day, so I feel like that window has closed (although there is always a right time to publicly appreciate my dad and father-n-law).

So here I sit at my computer, needing to write a blog.  When I think of a blog, I think of an opportunity for people to see a little glimpse of the “inside me.”  What makes me tick. What I’m passionate about. What motivates me to keep on going. What victories or struggles or defeats or such things I am experiencing right now.  All good questions and all good starting points for a blog. However, here I sit. Nothing deep is coming to mind. Nothing significant is rising to the surface. Nothing earth shattering is rocking my world.  

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe it’s the simple.  Maybe it’s the routine. Maybe it’s the “still small voice” of situations that we have to learn to see the significance within.  Last week during our Vacation Bible School (shout out to my wife Chrissy and all those who worked making that an awesome week), I was sitting in the sound booth waiting to play the “Kid Vid” for one of the groups, and a parent came up to me and said, “I just want to thank you for taking the time for my (now grown) child.  They are now in a good place, and you helped them get there, because you were always friendly, nice and accepting of them. I want to tell you because I know they won’t…but they said it to me.”

I remember having a couple of “serious” conversations with this “child” when they were in the youth ministry, but not very many.  I do, however, remember many passing interactions with this person over the years—more general conversations as they grew. I think we would both agree that we had a lot more ‘surface’ ones than ‘deep.’   

I’ve been thinking about that over the past week.  Maybe those conversations that we deem ‘surface’ can also be ‘deep.’  Maybe just taking the time to ask how their school or job or hobby is going is much more significant than we think.  Maybe the “chit-chat” is what really shows that we care about them as a person…and is what God uses to grow the seed.  Maybe just showing someone you are nice and friendly and accepting is just what someone might need to start moving in the right direction in their life.  Maybe you’ll never know, but you’ll play a significant role to them.

Maybe a ‘surface’ blog can encourage someone to “just be nice”…just like Jesus said.